St Francis College, Crestmead to Celebrate International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, a high tea will be hosted at St Francis College, Crestmead in conjunction with Harmony Place. This event is sponsored by YWCA and the Queensland Government.

This event includes:

  • High Tea
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Stalls of interest for women
  • Yoga for wellness session
  • Musical performances


Keynote speaker: Seblework Tadesse.

Seblework TadesseSeblework Tadesse is a passionate advocate for empowering and promoting women’s wellbeing. She stands for equipping women to lead change in their communities, families, and workplaces.

Seble arrived in Australian in 2009 from Uganda, although she was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where she also achieved her first degree (in marketing and management).

Seble’s passion for issues of social justice has seen her avidly voice her stand for democracy and human rights on many platforms, and her journey for social justice has led her to be involved in many varied and innovative projects.

She is a regular guest on SBS Amharic radio, a founder of the ESAT (Ethiopian satellite service), and a driver of the community farming project at Rosewood, Ipswich.

The Okie Dokie farming project seeks to create a commercially-viable and community-driven farm that provides inclusive and innovative employment opportunities and connection for the diverse communities of Southeast Queensland.

Seble is actively involved with the Ethiopian community through a women leaders’ support group and is currently on the board of directors at People Power Services Ltd and South Community Hub Inc. She has previously been a member of the Queensland Community Aliases board, and the Queensland African Community Council’s constitutional committee.

Seble is also a wife, a mother of two young girls, and studying a second degree in social sciences at the University of Queensland.
St Francis College, Crestmead to Celebrate International Women's Day