St Francis College, Crestmead Launches a Health Hub

The Minister for Health and Ambulance Services, the Hon Cameron Dick says: “One in four people in our state (Queensland) will be employed in healthcare or personal care this century, it will be the single largest employer.”

St Francis College, Crestmead has responded by building a Health Hub that will train their students for those jobs.

This facility, the partnerships and the courses offered will have a huge and everlasting impact on the students attending this college.

To fully understand how valuable this asset is to the community, watch (the video above) the full launch event.
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Health Hub Launch Event Transcript

St Francis College, Crestmead Launches a Health Hub
Tricia Kennedy, Principal: Good morning everyone.
Peace be with you. In the words of St Francis our patron saint, good morning good people. You’re very welcome and we’re thrilled to have our honoured guest and our parents and our staff and our students here today to open our wonderful new facility. Our Health Hub.
We are changing the order of events slightly because the beautiful children who are going to provide the entertainment today need to get off to a Gala Sports day. They’re very multi-talented and into lots of activities here at St Francis College.
We are going to start with an acknowledgment of country and Phillip Butler one of our senior students will lead us in that and then in our Catholic Franciscan tradition a prayer and then we will have our entertainment and then we will do the official proceedings. Thank you very much and I’ll hand over to Phillip.

Phillip:God of welcoming and spirit dreaming may we acknowledge that we are meeting on the land for the Jagera and Yugumbir people and their ancestors have been custodians for many centuries. On which they have performed age old ceremonies. May we listen to the deep heart within this land, our families and in our being calling us to be people of love and right relationships.

Cathy Barrett, Assistant Principal Religious Education 6-12: Thank you Phillip.
Megan’s just handing around our prayer card. It’s very apt that we pray the prayer of St Francis today at the launch of a Health Hub. St Francis himself suffered very poor health towards the end of his life so let’s hope our students don’t cure their patients by poking their eyes with hot pokers.
This prayer is attributed to St Francis and is very much associated with our culture and our college tradition. We pray together.
Lord make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light. Where there is sadness, joy. Oh divine master grant that I may not seek to be consoled as to console. To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive. In pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen. Thank you.

Tricia Kennedy:I might invite you to move in a bit otherwise you’re going to miss the spectacular entertainment. There’s people outside who we’d like to join us too. Please move forward and we are going to start with some of our junior choir led by one of our lovely new teachers, very talented new teachers, Mr Campbell. Please make our choir welcome.

Dance Group and Choir Perform

Tricia Kennedy:So the children find it easy to find you can I ask Miss Betts, Mr Dick and Mr Power and Mr Chalmers to step forward? In our tradition here we welcome our guests with a Hula which is a sign on welcoming in the, you’re very welcome in the Samoan tradition. Thank you.
It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to our Health Hub launch today. I would like to especially welcome our special guests. Miss Pam Betts Executive Director of Brisbane Catholic Education, the Honourable Mr Cameron Dick, State Minister for Health and Ambulance Services, the Honourable Dr Jim Chalmers, Federal Member for Rankin and Shadow Minister for Finance, our own Logan Member Mr Linus Power, Father Sunil and our Father Bang. I’d also like to welcome staff from BCE and especially Mr Stephen deLaurence, education officer VET and vocational education learning who has been integral to this project coming to fruition. Fellow Principals Mr Chris Raju, Mr Kevin Swede, Mr Les Conroy and Ms Louise Ollie. Area supervisor Mr Damien Barker. Our TAFE Queensland partners and Representatives Mr Rod McShannon, Executive Director School engagement TAFE Queensland, Miss Debbie Stubbs, Client Relationships Manager, Strategic Projects TAFE Queensland. Ms Susan Spizetar, Director of Nursing and Training TAFE Queensland, Miss Yvonne Wilkinson our onsite TAFE instructor. Our DET, Department Of Education And Training Partners and Representatives Mr Barry Dowling, Senior skills development officer DET, Mr Adam Stephen, Field Officer South East Region. Others who partner with us in educating our young people. Professor Renata Meuter, head of school for psychology and counselling at QUT, Senior Sergeant Warren Parker and Sergeant Matt Massouras. We also welcome our Architects from Opus, Mr Craig MacMillan, our Landscape Architect, Mr Ralph Bailey, and Mr Rick Dalmau from building services and Miss Marie Previte from QCEC.
I would especially like to welcome those who work in partnership every day in our Franciscan community to advance the learning of our young people. The wonderful staff of St Francis College, our fantastic parents and caregivers and our beautiful students. I include in the fantastic parents and caregivers and beautiful students and those from Trinity and Emmaus who have joined with us in this exciting Health Hub initiative.
In a moment the Honourable Cameron Dick, Minister for Health and Ambulance Services and one of our greatest supporters, and our committed and educated Executive Director will speak about the exciting educational initiative and partnership that is our Health Hub.
Before they do I’d like to make a confession, as a Catholic I like to get things off my chest. In BCE and mostly at St Francis College we plan strategically. In fact yesterday we undertook our five year external review where we provided evidence, I promise Pam, that we plan and review strategically and this helps us with our learning outcomes. Every so often an opportunity presents itself and immediate action is needed to harness something great. The Health Hub opportunity emerged for us about June last year. The relevant, timely, practical learning that would lead to real employment and further training opportunities was obvious. No time to plan and ponder. We have forged partnerships with BCE Teaching and Learning Directorate, DET, TAFE Queensland and our fellow BCE schools and managed to set up Certificate II and III courses in health and aged care for our young people and constructed an innovative practical learning facility. No mean feat in six months. Possibly you can understand why Nella our Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning and I will the first patients in this facility after this launch.
Luckily for Nella and I, Yvonne our TAFE instructor has assured us that our young learners are working hard and achieving well. You can see them in their beautiful shirts and uniforms provided by TAFE Queensland here today and they’ll be happy to talk to you later on about what they’re doing. I spoke to one of them this morning and they said they’ve learnt CPR so we’re all good.
We will be in good hands. People have to drive projects like this. I would like to acknowledge Mr Les Conroy previous Head of Campus for embracing this opportunity and moving it forward. Also Mr Steven deLaurence who brought this possibility to our attention and worked tirelessly with us and our partners TAFE Queensland and DET to achieve it.
I also need to confess, Pam, while I’m on a roll thank you. Perhaps not. In pursuing this educational opportunity for our young people we had no clue how we were going to pay for it. None. However, I like to think I’m a person of faith and I was taught from a very young age to pursue your dreams, work for a solution and pray for God’s guidance. It worked. As we started pursuing revenue sources the BCE Revitalisation Grant came to my attention. Miraculous. I would like to acknowledge Mr Michael Carney Director Administration Services and Gerry Conway and Mark Allen from Building Services who really believed in this project and provided funding advice and building expertise.
I also need to acknowledge TAFE Queensland and Cameron Dick for helping us outfit our Health Hub. The costs of hospital beds nearly saw me need one. Five thousand dollars. Can you believe that? That’s very expensive.

Cameron Dick MP:Sounds cheap to me.

Audience laugh.

Tricia Kennedy:Wow. Anyway, we’re very grateful. Thanks Cameron. TAFE Queensland provided two and Cameron sourced another two from us in a hospital in the Darling Downs. A final thank you to Jon Mack our facilities manager and our hard working maintenance and cleaning staff Andy, Matt, Sam and Zoe who have also worked at the practical level to achieve our Health Hub dream.
Please welcome the Honourable Cameron Dick and he will be followed by Ms Pam Betts to talk about our Health Hub. Thanks Cameron.

Cameron Dick:Thanks very much Ms Kennedy for those lovely words and can I leave it to Pam the give you complete absolution in respect of all the confessions you’ve made today. It is a great pleasure to be back at St Francis today for what is a very special day for not just the school community but our broader community here in Logan. I do want to acknowledge all of the distinguished guests my hard working Labour Colleagues in the Federal Parliament Dr Jim Chalmers and also Linus Power. Linus and I have had the great privilege of being able to serve this school community for the last two years as members of Parliament both as the member for Woodridge and as the member for Logan. We’re so pleased to be back here today.
Can I acknowledge, you, Tricia Kennedy, Principal, Ms Kennedy, for all of the great work you do leading this school. It is a great privilege to work with educators like you and work with the Catholic education system. I acknowledge Pam Betts here today. I’ve known Pam for many years going back to my time as Education Minister and this Health Hub is another example of Catholic education providing greater opportunities for education and training. Not just for this community but for our broader community.
Can I acknowledge all of the other leaders here today including our leaders from TAFE, our leaders from the Department of Education and Training. In particular Rod McShannon and Barry Dowling. Can I acknowledge all of our other community leaders here? I want to acknowledge Mr Chris Raju as well along with all of the other principals of other schools that will benefit from this Health Hub. Chris, of course was a former principal at Seton College of Greenslopes electorate a very important school that has provided wonderful education opportunities, not just to kids on the south side of Brisbane but really across the south east. Chris also taught Dr Jim Chalmers I know and Chris you are responsible. We might move along.
I tell you what Jim didn’t turn out too badly in the end Chris. You did pretty well. Wasn’t the dancing fantastic? When I went to school you had sports day but at St Francis you have a gala sports day. I love that. Not just a sports day but a gala sports day. They were fantastic but the truth is I didn’t feature prominently at sports day when I was at school, although I did try hard.
This is a special day for the school community as we celebrate the opening of the Health Hub and another pathway to education and training for local kids in Logan. I was present at one of those exploratory meetings with Mr Les Conroy and with Ms Kennedy. To see this Health Hub come together so quickly amazes me. I’m not amazed by the cost of beds I must say Ms Kennedy because the cost of health care I supposed amazes me and doesn’t surprise me in the same breath. The way you have brought this together I think has been amazing because you had this passion and the commitment to bring it to life. I take little credit for what you’ve been able to do. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to contribute in a small way to those capital assets you need to make the facility operational but you’ve got great teachers here and great students.
For me it’s particularly exciting to see another pathway to education and employment. When I was elected I wanted to ensure that I did whatever I could to focus on education, training, employment and pathways to opportunity for local students and for local members of our community because that’s the way to change lives. Through this Health Hub health care will provide real jobs for all of the students here today and those coming through the Health Hub. One in four people in our state will be employed in health care or personal care this century. It will be the single largest employer and it is a real job that not only provides real income and a real career, it is a real service job. It is a service job where you can commit to helping others.
I often say in our health care system we have heroes at both ends of the stethoscope. Patients who go through amazing treatment and are amazingly courageous and resilient in the face of sometimes overwhelming odds and extraordinary clinicians who help them through their health care journey. We will have some amazing students that will come through here that will be out health care leaders in the future.
This facility I also want to acknowledge is something that we do so well in Logan, it is an example of genuine partnership. Collective action to benefit all. The partnership that’s driven this through the school, through TAFE Queensland, through the south east health alliance and through Brisbane Catholic Education is emblematic of what we do in Logan. Creating opportunity through collective action. That is so important. The partnership I really want to celebrate today, I want to take these words, the TAFE motto and it is true you can make great happen. We’ve made great happen here at St Francis College. Congratulations to everyone that’s been involved in this project. You should be proud of your achievement. This will be a facility and a hub that will provide dividends for our community over many years and I want to thank you again for your passion and your commitment.

Tricia Kennedy:I would like to welcome our Executive Director Pam Betts who takes a very keen and supportive interest in our school. We’re very grateful she could take the time to be here today. Thanks.

Pam Betts, BCE:Thanks Tricia Kennedy, Principal. As always it’s wonderful to be here at St Francis College one of our great schools among the 138 others that we have in the archdiocese. Could I acknowledge the Minister, the Honourable Cameron Dick, Linus Power your other local member and Dr Jim Chalmers, your Federal member. I’m always amazed how many politicians you manage to attract and their support to absolutely outstanding. I will take this opportunity to say to Cameron and Linus and Jim we can’t do what we do in Catholic education and be partners in the education of young Queenslanders without the support of the State and the Federal government both for our recurrent and our capital needs. Can I acknowledge that? Thank you very much. Please give them a round of applause to show our appreciation.
Partnerships are very important in education. Our schools exist in the world. They serve the society or the community that surrounds them. We join with others as I said in the provision of education but we also join with those who provide other community services in the area to the police and I see the police represented here. They are a great support to our schools. Sometimes or many times when we are struggling with issues with our young people. We thank you for your support. Health is another great community service and it’s wonderful that we’re here today to join with those three departments but also our partners form TAFE, the Department of Education and Training, Griffith University and I believe QUT as well. I acknowledge all the partners who are here today. I acknowledge Father Sunil. Father Sunil has energy to burn and is a fabulous supported of our Catholic schools and he’ll probably give you the absolution later on Trish. Everything’s fine with me. You just keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing a fabulous job.
I acknowledge principals and others from our Catholic education schools. All the invited guests. The staff of the great college St Francis and particularly the students. I will often say even though everyone gathered here as guest is important there’s always a group that is more important and that’s the young people who are students at this school. You’re the reason we get out of bed every day to come to work. In the words of Mary MacKillop we want to give you the chance of becoming the person who God created you to be. I acknowledge and honour the young people at this school.
There is one person I’d like to single out and he’s standing right down the back and he’s going to kill me. That would be Damien Barker. Damien’s a former principal at this school and Damien is due to retire from Brisbane Catholic Education in just a couple of weeks and he can probably tell you the hours and the days left. Damien has given 49 years of service to education in the State department and Catholic Education. Damien has been an outstanding teacher, leader and just supporter of young people in their education. We wish him and Fran every blessing as their journey continues. I think Fran’s working for a bit longer Damien. Yes. You can get used to retirement and then Fran can join in.
It’s wonderful to be here with such a great gathering of people. Along with Phillip I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we gather. It’s good to be here with you all and since its St Patrick’s Day I simply have to say top of the morning to you. Thank you, as I said, for the invitation for the official opening of the Health Hub. This is a wonderful example of innovation and collaboration between education authorities for the benefit not only of St Francis students and other Brisbane Catholic Education Colleges but also of the wider community to whom these students may one day minister.
When my colleague Paul Allen joined you last August, I had a broken foot so I should have been in the health centre then Trish, last August for your community breakfast Paul spoke about the need for schools to be open to the world beyond the school gates. We exist as part of the community and make that contribution. In its 30 year history St Francis College has always been open to doing that. It truly does educate its students to take their place in the world and in doing so educated them about the world. Our prayer is that we provide our students with a great hope for the future because probably like no other time our world is in need of hope.
The Health Hub that we open this morning provides a facility that mirrors a real hospital ward and I’ve been in there, it does. It’s fantastic. It is here that students undertaking Certificates II and III in Health Services will grow in practical proficiency. I know Trinity College and Emmaus have been mentioned as students who are also accessing this facility and I too acknowledge Chris and Kevin, principals of those two schools.
I would like to really congratulate Principal Tricia Kennedy, Principal Kennedy and all who had the vision to see this Health Hub come to fruition. When I was teaching, many years ago, we won’t count, I recall a powerful statement that was often quoted. It was something like, “The students who are born today will work in jobs not yet imagined.” We are living that reality so providing pathways, practical pathways for our students as they move into the world beyond school is critical and continues. My hope is that with the changes that we will experience in Queensland Education in the next few years that the wonderful work we’ve done in Queensland in vocational education and training will continue. It does keep young people engaged, it gives them a great opportunity to develop their skills so that they can go in the world and make a difference.
I don’t have a crystal ball unfortunately but I do see great things ahead for St Francis College Health Hub and the students who will use it as part of their vocational pathway. You are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to have the opportunity of doing so. Great life skills as well as vocational skills will be learnt here.
I am delighted that Brisbane Catholic Education is part of this collaboration and I thank our partners. TAFE, the Department of Education and Training, and Griffith University for your involvement, and any others who have been involved in this great partnership. It is in building such relationships and forming partnerships that communities continue to be enriched.
Before I finish you have to indulge me a moment. I’ve been visiting St Francis now for seven years I’ve been back at Brisbane Catholic Education and the improvement in this college and the way it is presented is quite remarkable. I do want to acknowledge Jon and the team he works with for the great work they do for making this place a special place for our young people to come and learn. Can you join me in thanking them?
We often forget the people who do our extras around our schools. It’s always important to acknowledge them and I was really struck this morning by how fabulous the school is looking.
Thank you for the invitation to be part of this event. I wish all who experience the Health Hub the luck of the Irish. Thank you.

Tricia Kennedy:I would like to ask Cameron and Pam if they could just unveil our plaque which marks our official building.

Pam Betts:Fantastic. I’ll put my things down.

Tricia Kennedy:You just have to pull it down.
Thank you Pam and Cameron. If you could indulge us just for a few minutes I’ve asked Miss Rizzo, our Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning to give the vote of thanks because there are many people behind the scenes who make this happen and make us look spectacular.

Nella Rizzo:Honoured guests, staff parents, students. Good morning and welcome. My name is Nella Rizzo and I’m in my role is Assistant Principal Curriculum. It’s my privilege to give a vote of thanks to the people behind the scenes that made this launch possible. To our marketing and communications manager, sorry officer, Claire McBean, thank you for ensuring that everyone who was involved in this project is here today and was invited along. We look forward to seeing your beautiful photos of this momentous occasion. I sincere thank you to the people behind the VET teams in the schools, in the participating schools. Caitlin McNamara, Kim Spencer at St Francis. Barbara Lennox and Alicki Bellas at Trinity and Janelle Hohenhaus at Emmaus College. Your work behind the scenes is invaluable for ensuring that training happens each week and runs smoothly.
Thank you to Matt and Jon who get the students here, our bus drivers. That’s also been a bit of a challenge but I think we’ve got that sorted and it’s all running smoothly now. I just need to remember to book the bus and not conflict with sporting events.
A special thanks to Yvonne Wilkinson who is in Norway somewhere, I’m following her blog and it’s a very exciting trip that she’s having. We expect her back in week two in term two. Her creative processes in designing those courses was very very invaluable to making sure that we maximise the outcomes for our students.
Also thank you to Debbie Stubbs for wonderful advertising flier and the high vis polo shirts that the students have on today. Thank you also to Desley, Desley Brown and Annette Du-Shane who have stepped in while Yvonne’s away in carrying out the training. They’re really keen to get into the hospital ward to make sure all the training is happening throughout the day in the ward.
Special thanks also to the DET team. Barry and Adam for your ongoing support and commitment in organising the career information session. We’ve already had a session around dentistry so that’s been excellent. Also bringing the news of this training to the local community. That’s going to be absolutely vital. The local community will be the key ingredient for the success of the vocational placement aspect of this programme.
Thank you to the student leaders who have welcomed you here today and helped you find your way to the Health Hub. We have a huge campus but it’s certainly a wonderful campus.
We thank you also the talented dancers, to Koleta for her expertise and choreographing of the dancers. Also the wonderful choir, to Steven and Lauren and also I didn’t realise David played the guitar. That’s really excellent to know. We’ll be using him in future.
Thank you to Sam, Sam Webb who is our chef, our VET trainer for kitchen operations and now our horticulture trainer for his students who he’s having some training that you’ll see today serving you morning tea.
To Narelle and Lila, long standing parents of the College for the delicious morning tea we will enjoy today.
Thank you to our cleaner Zoe. I think she goes by Zo. Who I just found out recently was previously a nurse. Zo is experienced in the industry was used to set up the hospital training room. You’ll see that she’s done a fantastic job.
Last job to be done to open our hospital ward today is to invite everyone here today to submit some names for our mannequins. You’ll find some pencils, paper inside as you go through. One’s asleep and one’s awake so you can talk to them, find the best name that you think would suit them. We’re looking for names for them.
Before I close can I just invite Trinity and Reef to come forward. We would like Pam Betts and Cameron Dick to dress in our t-shirts wherever they go and advertise our Health Hub to the community and in the Senate. Thank you.

Pam:That’s wonderful. Thank you.