South West Queensland Catholic School Leaders Attend Leadership Forum

The leaders within the South West Queensland Catholic Schools came together for a Leadership Forum to discuss policies, procedures and practices that ensure best education outcomes across the region.

This approach makes sure that the teaching and support staff aren’t just experienced, but experts when it comes to a child’s education within the South West Queensland Catholic Schools.

Executive Director of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Toowoomba, Dr Patrick Coughlan, said he was heartened by the feedback that came out of the Leadership Forum.

“Well this has been an excellent couple of days and I’m very heartened by what I see here,” Dr Patrick Coughlan said in an interview at the event.

“An expert teacher in every classroom, that’s what we’re setting out to achieve.”

Forum participants worked together with a common purpose to take what had been discussed back to their school communities.

The Toowoomba Education Office makes sure the South West Queensland Catholic Schools all have equal opportunities and resources so students receive the best possible education.

This is shown through the many great examples of students in South West Catholic schools leading the way in education results.